Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy Training Course

Program: Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy Training Course

Brand: Perkin Elmer Spectrum Two FTIR Spectrometer

Location: Makmal Gunasama Kimia 1

Date: 24-25 February 2020 (Monday & Tuesday)

The FTIR spectroscopy training course was introduced to provide practical instruction to lecturers and students. This training course was conducted by an experienced trainer from Dr. Ooi Yee Kai from Perkin Elmer company. The training course was attended by 12 participants (included staff and students). This FTIR course explained basic knowledge of IR spectroscopy and the operation of an FTIR. A discussion of infrared theory and applications if FTIR was discussed. The emphasized was on sample preparation exercises and the use of different spectral acquisition methods to obtain optimum results.


  • Good Afternoon,
    I am Watie, I would like to ask you, at your university (UTHM) do a FTIR Test for public or for the use of manufacturing companies?

    In my manufacturing we produces plastic packaging, we used chemical such as EA(Ethyl Acetate), MEK(Methyl Ethyl Ketone),Toluene,
    IPA(Iso-propyl Acetate) in process and our plastic is multilayer, first layer we used PET FILM (12Um) for printing department and second layer we used LLDPE FILM(25Um) for lamination department.
    We found there have an odor chemical present on plastic packaging (thinner), we want to identify where the odor came. And I hope that you can provide to me result analysis for this test. hope you have a time for give me a feedback for my question.

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