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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Data Analytics, Sciences, and Modeling (DASM)


As a platform to empower research in analytical data, scientific data and modeling. 

The focus of research is related to gather the expertise in data sciences and analytics. Strengthen the members expertise, diversify its application in all areas.

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Field of Expertise

Mathematics Sciences, Applied statistics, Quality and productivity measurement, Mathematics and statistics for ICT and industries, Statistical modelling, Biostatistics, Survival analysis, High dimensional regression, Bayesian Modeling, Health analytics, Household finance, ICT(Information, computer and communications technology), Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Time series and spatial analysis, Genetic algorithms, Multivariate analysis, Data mining, Computational Statistics, Infectious disease, Time series, R sofware packages


List of Current Active Grants
Dr. Rohayu Binti Mohd Salleh

A proposed algorithm of random vector in measuring the behaviour of Bursa Malaysia stock market during covid-19 outbreak


Dr. Norhaidah Binti Mohd Asrah

A New Multivariate Analysis Based On Symmetric Component From Asymmetric Matrix 


Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Asrul Affendi Bin Abdullah

COVID 19 Outbreak: Analysis, Visualisation and Classification of Food Insecurity Among Vulnerable Groups is an Emerging Concern in Malaysia


An Econometric Analysis Of Food Security And Related Macroeconomic Variables In Malaysia: A Vector Autoregressive Approach (VAR)


Ts. Dr. Shuhaida Binti Ismail

Malaysian Stock Market Volatility Forecasting Using Optimised Recurrent Neural Network Algorithm


A New Framework of Deep Learning Coupled with Optimized Decomposition Techniques for Modelling Malaysian Hydrological Phenomenon in Early Flood Warning System


Ts. Dr. Norziha Binti Che Him

Spatio Temporal Approach For Dengue Models Based On Generalized Additive Mixed Model


Generalised Linear Models Analysis and Prediction in Score and Goal Performance: A Study on English Premier League Dataset 2022/2023


Dr. Sabariah Binti Saharan

An analysis of the salary differentials between certified and non-certified fresh graduates in Malaysia


Dr. Khuneswari A/P P Gopal Pillay

Statistical Malay Language Model for text mining analysis of Malaysia Parliamentary debate transcripts


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