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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Center of Research for Computational Mathematics (CERCOM)


As a platform to do multi-disciplinary mathematical research. 

The focus of research is related to the theory of analysis, algorithm development, and the implementation of effective numerical approaches to solve practical problems that arise in engineering and scientific applications.

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Field of Expertise

Agent-based systems, Computational linguistics, Soft computing, Predator-prey, Fish population, Harvesting, Environmental change, Carrying capacity, Fluid dynamics, Analytical/Numerical methods, Thermal convection, Fluid mechanics(Nanofluid/Dusty Nanofluid), Fractional calculus, Mathematical biology, Mathematical modelling, Mathematical chemistry, Applied mathematics


List of Current Active Grants
Prof. Ts. Dr. Aida Mustapha

Integrating a New Feature-Fusion Deep Residual Generative Adversarial Network Model in YOLOv3 for Higher Accuracy Real-time Vehicle Detection under Malaysian Adverse Weather Conditions.

01/11/2020 to 31/10/2023

Integration of Fatman Marketing, Ordering and Payment System


Microsoft Experience Center with Wall of Fame


Improved Q-Learning for Optimal Path Planning in Autonomous Parking 


Prof. Madya Dr. Hamizah Binti Mohd Safuan

Bifurcation analysis of fish environment disruption caused by direct and indirect pollution


The Impacts of selective harvesting strategies subject to toxicants in fishery models


Dr. Syahira Binti Mansur

Mathematical modelling of boundary layer flow of dusty nanofluid in various conditions


Prof. Madya Dr. Phang Chang

New numerical scheme for Caputo fractional differential equation with its fractional derivative operator with respect to another function


Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Siti Suhana Binti Jamaian

An Improved Gaussian Mixture Model based on Multi-Agent Architecture for High Accuracy Vehicle Detection in Real-Time Traffic Flow Analysis


Puan Azila Binti Md Sudin

An Additive Mathematical Model With New Post-Optimality Algorithms For Malnutrition Malaysian Tahfiz Primary School Children Agred 7-12


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