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Ceramic and Amorphous Group (CERAM)


As a platform to empower research and networking on the development of sustainable and green materials (specific to ceramic and amorphous) for various engineering applications. 

The focus of research is to encourage research culture and establish networking in the area of ceramic and amorphous materials within university and industry communities. 

Field of Expertise

Moleculary Imprinted Polymers(MIPs), Absorption system, Supramolecular chemistry, Analytical chemistry, New material synthesis, Removal of dyes and toxic pollutant, Cloud point extraction, Sol-Gel material, Preparation of glass materials using conventional and unconventional processing methods, Immobilisation of toxic and nuclearwates in glass materials, Conductive glasses, Nanotechnology, Polymer resists, Nanomaterials, Microwave materials characterization techniques, Application of electromagnetic wave in computational physics, Advanced materials, Superconductor materials


List of Current Active Grants
Chm. Dr. Saliza Binti Asman

Computational Design and Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Membrane for Selective Detection of Paracetamol in Pharmaceutical Tablets 


Optimization of Mangiferin Extraction from Harumanis Mango Leaves using Deep Eutectic Solvents Based On Response Surface Methodology


Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamad Zaky Bin Noh

Innovative Rabbit Feed Pellet


Analysis on Multiple Treatment Processes and Characterisation of Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) to the Physicomechanical Properties of Ceramic


Prof. Dr. Mohd Arif Bin Agam

Investigation Factors Determining Zwitter Charactheristic Phenomena in Polymer Resist Materials For Semiconductor Industry Application


Dr. Fahmiruddin Bin Esa

Synthesis and Characterizations of Double Transition Metal MXene-based Photoanode Material for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell


Ts. Dr. Suhadir Bin Shamsuddin

Synthesis and Analysis of Crystalline Structure, Surface Morphology and Electrical Transport Properties in Perovskites Manganites 


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