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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Advanced Herbal and Ethnomedical Research (AdHerb)


As a platform to empower advanced research related to herbal science and technology as well as ethnomedical. 

The focus of research is to gather the expertise in herbal science, technology and ethnomedical. Strengthen the members expertise, diversify its application in all areas. Strong collaboration with industries and government agencies. 

Field of Expertise

Phytochemicals and antimycobacterial activity of medicinal plants, Traditional knowledge and ethnobotany, Nature education, Functional food and nutraceutical, Food analysis, Essential oils, Plant extraction and isolation, Optimization of photosynthesis, Acclimation of plants in abiotic stress, Community participation in maintaining biodiversity, Utilizing plants pigments as natural colour


List of Current Active Grants
Dr. Fazleen Izzany Binti Abu Bakar

Nutritional composition and antioxidant activity of freshwater lobster collected from selected areas in Johor, Malaysia


In vitro anti-cancer potential of Halia Hitam (Kaempferia parviflora) against breast cancer cell lines


Development Of Dietary Supplements For Weight Loss Using Natural Resources 


Optimization of production conditions of fermented black garlic with hibiscus tea extract towards bioactive properties


Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Mohd Fadzelly Bin Abu Bakar

Novel Micellar Nanotechnology For Cosmetic Formulation 


Engineering Next Generation Selenium Encapsulated Andographolides Nano-Conjugates and Deciphering Their Role and Molecular Mechanism as New Therapeutics Targeting in Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma


Development of safe and halal product from Peria katak (Momordica charantia)


Ts. Dr. Siti Fatimah Binti Sabran

Melastoma malabathricum as a Valuable Source of Natural Colorants: Extraction, Stability, and Biological Activities


Effect of fermentation conditions of mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia L.) juice on microbiota, volatile profiles, and antihypertensive activity in vitro


ChM. Dr. Norhayati Binti Muhammad

Semi-automated cubing machine prototype for Malaysian traditional spicy tamarind dish powder


Anti aging, chemical composition and halal validation of charms cosmetic skincare products


Optimization of foam mat drying process parameters of cinnamomum verum extract towards antidiabetic properties


Enhancement of antidiabetic properties of Malaysian polyherbal ethno-medicinal drink formulation via foam-mat drying method


Dr. Furzani Binti Pa’ee

Empowering the Next Generation of Women in STEM For Future Career


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