Numerical Simulation and Applications (NSA)

Head of Focus Group

Dr. Kek Sie Long

Provide a significant numerical solution to engineering and sciences problems through mathematical modeling and simulation.

Cover the research on differeintial equations and numerical methods in engineering and sciences as well as for sustainable technology and transportation.

Member Profile

1. Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

2. Dr. Muhamad Ghazali bin Kamardan

3. Dr. Choy Yaan Yee

4. Ts. Dr. Isaudin bin Ismail

5. Mr. Lee Siaw Chong

6. Mdm. Noor Azliza binti Abd Latif

7. Mdm. Noorzehan Fazahiyah binti Md Shab

8. Mdm. Cik Sri Mazzura binti Muhammad Basri

Research Areas

  1. Ordinary differential equations
  2. Partial differential equations
  3. Numerical methods
  4. Operation research
  5. Optimization techniques
  6. Financial mathematics
  7. Actuarial mathematics
  8. Engineering mathematics

Research Grants



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