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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Numerical Simulation and Applications (NSA)


Head of NSA

As a platform to cover the research on differeintial equations and numerical methods in engineering and sciences as well as for sustainable technology and transportation.

The focus of research is to provide a significant numerical solution to engineering and sciences problems through mathematical modeling and simulation. 

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Field of Expertise

Optimization and optimal control(OOC), Operation research and management science(ORSM), Modeling and simulation(MS), Mathematical sciences, Applied mathematics, Ordinary differential and partial differential equations, Mathematical modelling, Energy absorption, Impact engineering, Multivariate dependence modeling, Pension and insurance risk, Investment/Fund management, Actuarial modeling, Quantitative risk analysis, Numerical analysis, Boundary layer


List of Current Active Grants
Dr. Kek Sie Long

Stochastic Optimal Control of Hyperchaotic Financial System Using Extended and Unscented Kalman Filtering Approaches


Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

Effects of the caputo-fabrizio fractional derivative on electromagneto transport of bio-fluid in cylindrical domains


Dr. Muhamad Ghazali bin Kamardan

Finite volume method on mixed convection of nanofluids in lid-driven trapezoidal cavity using local thermal non-equilibrium model


Ts. Dr. Isaudin Bin Ismail

Utilization of Copula approach to enhance risk model


Sir Lee Siaw Chong

Error Analysis of Group Explicit Methods in Solving Poisson’s Equations


Mdm. Noorzehan Fazahiyah Binti Md Shab

Mathematical modelling of heat transfer in dusty nanofluids boundary layer flow


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