Bachelor Degree Project (BDP) 


In fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor’s degree offered at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology (FAST), each student is required to conduct an individual project, i.e. the Bachelor Degree Project (BDP).

BDP is an academic work that is related to the student’s field of study. It is the best platform for exposure to professional work for students in the science and technology field. Also, BDP is very important in the teaching and learning process because it integrates the subjects that have been studied in the whole program. For students, they will use their individual intelligence in making a decision, evaluation, analysis, and the capability to be independent in carrying out a solution to specific problems in the science and technology field. Hence, BDP will create a competent graduate in modern technology applications.

The Bachelor Degree Project is divided into two (2) parts; the first part is BDP I which is to be taken as a prerequisite to the second part, BDP II. Both reports should be in accordance with the University’s Thesis Writing Guide and must be submitted to the faculty on the prescribed dates.

These guidelines are intended to assist in managing the implementation of BDP efficiently in the faculty and should be referred to by all parties involved in BDP at the faculty level, particularly the students, supervisors, examiners, and BDP Committee.


The aim of BDP is to train students to use knowledge, skills, and experience gained during the learning process in order to produce skilled and competent graduates. This goal should be achieved through practical research work and preparation of reports in a systematic and professional manner.


This course has been developed to help the student in the following matters.

  • To apply the knowledge, skills, and experience gained from their studies in solving science and technology problems.
  • To think objectively,  analytically, and critically in identifying and solving problems in a systematic manner.
  • Effectively conduct research work and produce academic writing in the time given.
  • To present the results in written and oral format effectively.
  • To produce an effective project work and produce a quality research report.
Learning Outcomes (All CLOs)

Upon completing BDP, it is hoped that students are able to:

  • Plan and reorganize work according to proper research techniques.
  • Identify and analyze additional ideas for improving research work that is being carried out.
  • Organize research work plans based on suggestions from the examination panel and after consulting the supervisor.
  • Collect data using appropriate methods, carry out research work using proper research techniques, and consult with the supervisor.
  • Evaluate and analyze research problems, and interpret the results based on its application.
  • Adhere to research ethics through collaborative work, without plagiarizing and misinterpreting research data, taking into consideration the laws of human and nature.


Bachelor Degree Project I Sem II Session 20212022

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