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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Radiation Monitoring and Protection (RaMP)


As a platform to empower research related to radiation technology. 

The risks of excess radiation exposure, potentially leading to a variety of issues. Therefore, the research will base on radiation includes methods, materials, technologies, and innovation. The data obtained will be represented in the form of research papers. 

Field of Expertise

Conducting polymer biosensor, Radiation monitoring and protection, Safety, health and environment, Material processing, Probabilistic risk analysis, Materials science, Laser applications, Quantum physics of nanotechnology, Physics mathematics and computational physics, Solar system, laser(Photonic), Radiation physics, Environmental sciences


List of Current Active Grants
Dr. Siti Amirah Binti Othman

Preparation and characterization of irradiated magnetic pineapple leaves for paper production


Waste-polymer incorporated concrete mixes (WPIC) for neutron and gamma radiation shielding


Dr. Ahmad Hassan Sallehudin Bin Mohd Sarif

Reliability analysis on the Fielded Solar-PV System due to Random Component Failures 


Inv. Dr. Siti Noraiza Binti Ab Razak

Nonlinear Optical Characteristics of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil Using Z-Scan Analysis


Dr. Norbaizura Binti Nordin

Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran dalam talian menyeluruh sepanjang Perintah Kawalan Pergerakkan (PKP)


Prof. Madya Ts. Dr. Siti Suhana Binti Jamaian

An Improved Gaussian Mixture Model based on Multi-Agent Architecture for High Accuracy Vehicle Detection in Real-Time Traffic Flow Analysis


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