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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Advanced Analytical and Environmental Chemistry (ADEC)


As a platform to do analytical and environmental chemistry research. 

The focus of research is to provided a broad foundation in analytical and environmental chemistry that highlights scientific interpretations and analytical problem-solving in industries. 

Field of Expertise

Industrial bioenvironmental engineering, Environmental engineering, Bioremediation, Environmental modelling, Membrane technology, Analytical chemistry, Advanced material in chemistry, Environmental science, Water technology, Natural and bioresource technology, Titanium dioxide Photocatalysis, Carbon nanotubes, Hybrid materials, Waste management(environmental pollution management), Semiconductor materials, Chemical synthesis, Herbicide photodegradation, Heterogeneous catalyst for esterification, Biomass waste catalyst for biodiesel production


List of Current Active Grants
Dr. Shakila Binti Abdullah

Valorization of Biowaste for the Production of Eco-friendly PHA bioplastics


Ts. Chm. Dr. Zalilah Murni Binti Mat Ali @ Yunus

Engineered Ball-Milled Oil Palm Residues Biochar-Based Mineral Composites Synthesis Via Carbon-Bed Pyrolysis


Dr. Syazwan Hanani Binti Meriam Suhaimy

Efficient removal of pesticide pollutants from wastewater using TiO2-assisted binary metal oxide photocatalyst


Dr. Mohammad Arif Budiman Bin Pauzan

Assessment of ammonia adsorption in the presence of natural based adsorbent palm ash under methanogenic condition


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