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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Technology and Natural Resources

Head of Department

Dr. Siti Fatimah binti Sabran

Department of Technology and Natural Resources (JTS) comprises 18 academic and six non-academic staff. To date, there are two panels under JTS, namely Natural Resource Field Panel and Food Technology Field Panel. Its departmental academics are all impassioned food technologists and passionate environmental scientists in a broad range of disciplines.

Currently, JTS runs a number of postgraduate programmes, namely Doctor of Philosophy in Science programme (by research), Master of Science programme (by research), Master of Science (Biodiversity Conservation) programme by mixed mode, as well as two undergraduate programmes namely Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity and Conservation) programme with Honours and Bachelor of Science (Food Technology) programme with Honours. The departmental programmes have balanced approaches of a classroom, lab-based courses and fieldwork-based courses, while the dissertation will enhance the student’s ability to conduct high-value research in various related topics.

Students enrolled in the departmental programmes are expected to become renowned professionals who actively participate with various stakeholders in an economic and sustainable context, and highly involved in the process of policy and decision making at the state, federal or regional levels. The department also aims towards developing within each student the ability to be highly engaged in addressing current issues related to food technology, biodiversity and conservation by employing the best strategy, ethically and technologically. At the end of the programmes, students are expected to have acquired good understanding in food technology, biodiversity and conservation; and would be able to apply this knowledge in a multi- and the transdisciplinary manner in a local and global setting, theoretical and practice skills for employment in a diverse range of industries.

JTS also has a number of facilities and technologies that meet undergraduate and postgraduate needs as well as meeting the national and international academic standards. There are 15 laboratories under the department including Food Analysis Laboratory, Food Instrumentation Laboratory, Food Microbiology Laboratory, Food Biochemistry Laboratory, Nutrition Laboratory, Sensory Room and Food Sensory Laboratory, Food Product Development Laboratory, Bakery, Snack and Confectionery Technology Laboratory, Food Processing Laboratory, Food Engineering Laboratory, Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory (Applied Science Laboratory 1), Taxonomy Laboratory (Shared Physics Laboratory 1), Ecology Laboratory (Shared Physics Laboratory 2), GIS and Bioinformatics Laboratory (Shared Mathematics Laboratory 2), and finally an external research centre (PPL) at Kampung Peta, Endau-Rompin Johor National Park (TNJER) that is currently managed by Mr Jai Kemalok, the departmental operation assistant.

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